Exercise: 20km Run – Local Streets (7’s Blue)

Bad, bad, bad. That’s all I can say about this run.

Michelle had to listen to me whinge, moan and complain for the whole 20km’s. Poor chick 😀

My legs were like lead, my ankles hurt, my tummy wasn’t happy either 😳

But I was damned if I was going to give up. This week is all about keeping to my training plan, and if it says do a 20km run, I’m doing a 20km run 🙂

Luckily I had an appointment with Corrie after my run, which helped my muscles stop hurting. She also found loads of sore spots which I wasn’t aware of 😯

Some new shoes have arrived. One pair for me, one pair for Michelle 😀

These are Saucony Fastwitch. A very lightweight pair of trainers.

Check out what’s written on the bottom of them 😀