Exercise: Netball Game (Propels)

I had decided that I wasn’t going to play the winter season of Netball but had told the team that if they were desparate I could fill in. They were desparate 🙄

I do enjoy playing Netball, and tonight’s game was no exception. We even won 😀

Sometimes I wonder how people get employed. I’m sure so many people lie on their Resume’s to make themselves sound more experienced than they are. We’ve got a couple of IT people working for us who are absolute morons!!

I got to work at 9am this morning to be told that the network was offline due to a problem that happened on Saturday. This meant that I could not access email, internet or print anything out on our printers (because they’re networked!!).

And these 2 idiots didn’t keep anyone informed as to what was happening, so there were people asking all day “what’s happening, can we do anything yet?” I mean, what would it have taken to just put a PA announcement out to staff explaining where they were with it.

Then, because they couldn’t fix it themselves, even though they’d created the problem, they had to get somebody from outside to come in and fix it! I’m still shaking my head at the stupidity of these people…..and I’m sure they’re getting paid more than me too 😡

So do you like the latest addition to my running collection? 😀

These are Saucony Grid Sinisters…….