Exercise: 10km incl 8 x 400m Yassos at 11kph – Treadmill (8’s)

OMG, how cold was it 😯

Hands up everyone who had to scrape ice off their windscreens this morning 🙄

So taking that into account, and the fact that I had a really late night, there was no way I was getting out of bed to go running. Roll on Spring 🙂

By not getting out of bed, this meant that I had to get my a*se into gear and do my running tonight, and once again it was freezing cold. Just as well I have a gym membership 😀

Doing Yassos on the treadmill was not as boring as I thought it was going to be. I started off with a 2km warm up, and then jumped straight into it. I had the treadmill on 11.5kph, but after 2 Yassos (with a 2 min 15 sec recovery inbetween) I felt that I was quite fatigued so I reduced the speed to 11kph. This felt much more comfortable, but still pushing a bit.

My aim was to do 10 Yassos of 400m, but unfortunately I ran out of time as I had to go and pick Alana up from Cubs. I may need to change my week around so that I can do them on a night where I don’t have time constraints.

So I’ve brought 3 new running bras in the last month or so and thought I’d give you a bit of feedback for anyone interested.

The first one is the Champion Double Dry Marathon Bra. I bought this last month from Ladies Only Sports in the US (I think they are an old line now as they’re really hard to find) and it is really supportive but still has a bit of bounce in it. Not bad if you’re not aiming to run a marathon. It has adjustable straps and is underwired but the cup is fairly soft, so you don’t look like you have Madonna boobs 😀

Then there’s the Moving Comfort – Maia Bra. I bought this one from Running Warehouse @ $33.95US. Ran in it last night and it’s better than the Champion one, although there’s no adjustable straps on it (apart from the doing up bit) and the straps are quite large. I’m normally a 34DD but I bought a 34D (as that’s all they had) and it fits me fine.

Lastly there’s the sports bra I bought from Bras ‘n Things. When I tried it on I thought it was a 12DD (as that’s what was on the hanger). It was only when I got it home that I realised it was a 12D. This one cost me $50 and I have to say that I was quite impressed with it. Still a little bit of bounce, but not enough that you really notice.

Of course the Enell is still the bra of choice when it comes to minimum bounce (they hold the jugs in really, really tight) and they are definitely worth the money, it’s just when it comes to looks, they are way down the bottom of the list.

Thought to self……..maybe my boobs are shrinking 😯