Exercise: 8km Run – Track (Phoenix’s)

Scraping ice off the windscreen at 5.45am is not pleasant 😯

Originally Michelle and I were going to do Yassos, but due to my legs being slightly sore still 😳 and Michelle having heavy legs, we opted to just do laps of the track. We had to be a little bit careful though as it was icy in parts!

So I’m a little embarassed that I haven’t been able to run since Monday as I’ve had alot of trouble just trying to walk without looking like I’ve pooed my pants 😳

Yes, so maybe I shouldn’t have done 3 sets of lunges, or 3 sets of fitball hamstring curls. I’m sure that 1 set would have been a much better way of getting back into doing some strength training…..but that would have been sensible, and that word just doesn’t seem to be part of my vocabulary at the moment 🙄

Here’s a photo of Michelle and I from the Sri Chinmoy 30km run. I think that this was on the 4th lap of Princes Park 🙄