Exercise: 5km Run – Treadmill (8’s Blue)

I had made an appointment last week to get a new program done at the gym as my previous program was so out of date and I never used it (it was very boring).

I specifically asked for a Personal Trainer that I knew would give me a program that was a challenge and I could explain to her what I wanted to target.

So it looks like I will now be having a few embarassing moments trying to conquer the fitness ball as there are quite a few sets that require me to balance on this dreaded ball and do weights or pushups or hamstring curls etc 😯

Yep, that should give all the other ladies at the gym a giggle if they happen to be watching me 😳

Jumped on the treadmill afterwards for a 5km recovery run. The legs actually felt quite good and I did the whole 5km at 10.3kph (sorry but I can’t do the maths to figure out what that is in speed….JO?).

Now does anyone else agree that Big Brother was rigged? It had to be. Just didn’t feel right at all. Right from the start of the series they targeted Terri and always gave her so much air time. Just seemed like she was always going to be the winner – just my opinion of course 🙄