Exercise: 5km Run – Treadmill, Core work (7’s Blue)

Well I was all set to meet Michelle at MMCT this morning when I get a text from her telling me that it’s raining. So we ummed and aahed via text for 5 minutes and decided that we really didn’t want to run in pouring rain 😦

But as I was already up and dressed, I changed out of my outside running gear into my inside running gear and went to the gym instead. Do you know that I would have even been happy to run in the rain today. No idea why as I just detest running in the rain 😯

I bought some of the photos from the GC Marathon that were taken of Michelle and I. Shall put some up every now and then.

This one was taken at about the 39km mark. Can’t believe how happy I look considering how exhausted I was feeling.