Exercise: 7.1km Run – MMCT (8’s Blue)

Last minute plans meant that I met Michelle at MMCT this morning for a very easy 7km run.

I was more than happy to see that the wind had died down when I poked my head out the door. Last night had me very worried that it would be way too dangerous to run MMCT due to how windy it was. You just never know if a tree is going to topple, especially as it is just so dry along the trail. You can see alot of the trees are just hanging on by the minimal amount of roots. So many have already been cut down due to the danger of them falling.

I was driving home from Knox City yesterday and I drove past a circus. Imagine my excitement when I saw that they had 2 elephants in the paddock next to the Big Top.

Andrew, I washed my Hurricanes by putting them in a bucket with washing powder and hot water, let them soak for a while, then got a small scrubbing brush and scrubbed hard 😀