Exercise: 16km Run – MMCT – (7’s Blue)

Michelle and I decided to visit our old haunt this morning. I love running along the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail. It is just so quiet and serene, and for some reason, probably because I know the trail like the back of my hand, it just seems that we’ve run it up and back before we know it 😀

The only downside is that there is a very long, very indistinct incline on the way back up to the highway and it’ not really noticeable until you get halfway up and you realise that you’re huffing and puffing a bit.

So that’s the last of the long runs until next Sunday – which means there’s only 8 days to go until the big day

To celebrate the big day, I’ve even washed my Hurricanes, which were very very dirty, but are now all sparkly clean. 🙂

Better start packing this weekend, as you can never be sure that you’ve got everything needed, and I’d hate to forget anything 🙄