Exercise: 10km Run – Track (Phoenix’s)

A very slow plod around the track with Michelle this morning. It’s amazing how quickly you can do 10km while running round and round a track without even realising it 😯

My knee is getting better, I’m sure of it 😀

There is no longer a constant pain, which I’m hoping is because I’ve been taping it each time I go for a run. Just not enjoying having to rip the tape off afterwards……hurties 😦

Sara, as you asked, my sweat emanates from the left armpit 😳

My coffee intake has risen sharply over the last week as we have a new coffee machine at work. It does Lattes and Cappucinos and all those other fancy coffees. You can even choose what milk to have with it and it makes froth automatically 🙂 McDonalds have just lost a customer!!