Exercise: 15 Min Bike, Adductors, Leg Press, 1km Run – Treadmill (Propels)

So I got myself down to the gym at lunchtime finally 🙄

I taped my knee last night and it does seem to have made a bit of a difference. I can’t say that my knee is not sore at all, but there’s definitely less pain.

Of course I had to jump on the treadmill just for a quick kilometre before I finished just to test the knee and I was happily surpised that there was not much pain when running 🙂

The only problem with going to the gym at lunchtime is coming back to work sweaty and warm, even after having a cool shower. Luckily it didn’t take too long to cool down as that wind was very nippy when I walked out of the gym 😯

I wore my winter coat today for the second time this year 🙄