Exercise: 5km Run – Treadmill (8’s Blue)

Yesterday was a rest day….thank goodness 🙄

Have just got back from the gym.

Had to go to the gym at lunch time as I didn’t get out of bed to do my 15km run this morning – I’m trying to think of an excuse but I just can’t find one 😳

So I thought that if I went to the gym and did 5km at lunch time, I could go back and do another 10km when Alana is at Cubs.

I just have one little ickle problem. My knee is really, really sore 😦

I’m trying to remember to do all the quad strengthening exercises that I’ve been told but it’s just not making that much difference.

Fingers crossed that it’ll improve during my taper so that I can run the marathon pain free…….PLEASE!!!

Oh yeah, got my oldest new pair of trainers out of the cupboard and have put them into the rotation. I’m hoping I’ve got enough time to wear them in before the marathon!