Exercise: 14km Run – Local Streets (Trigons)

OMG how foggy was it this morning 😯

Wish I’d taken my camera as I could have got some fantastic photos.

Anyway it was a very slow run. The legs felt very sluggish and I just couldn’t get them to go any faster 🙄

Got back home and I was literally dripping wet.

I did have a bit of a shock while I was running. A guy had broken down in his car and must have been waiting for someone to come and fix it and he was just standing against a wall having a ciggie. Imagine my surprise when I ran past and smelt a different kind of ciggie smoke 😉 OMG, it was 6.30am 😯

And I had a bit of a giggle as I ran past an old bloke who was walking his dog and jumped out of his skin as I went past him 😀 I honestly thought he’d heard me galloping cantering plodding along behind him 😀