Exercise: 32km Run – Dandy Creek Trail (8’s)

Michelle and I had a little bet this morning about what time the sun might appear from behind the fog. We both lost 🙄

I thoroughly enjoyed our long run today (OMG did I just say that 😯 ). The last couple of km’s were hard though and I did struggle a bit through these.

Felt really strong through the middle of the run (as the Garmin highlighted when I downloaded the info and saw our splits 😳 ).

I don’t think I could have run much more though and I’m still a bit worried that I’m not going to make that full 42km without some pain and hysterical crying near the end 😳

I was still feeling good at the 20km mark when this photo was taken! (Do you like my new neck warmer 🙂 )

I chickened out of the cold bath when I got home as I was just way too cold already and all I wanted to do was hop into a nice warm shower.

My knee is sore, but no more than normal 🙂