Exercise: 25km Run – Lysterfield Lake to Grants Picnic Ground and return (7’s Blue)

Okay, who thought it would be a good idea to scoff potato cakes and chips just before a long run 🙄 I blame Michelle 😉

Even though it was a great run, I had a pain in my stomach the whole way and I had to stop and walk a few times when the cramps got the better of me 😳

I suppose the fact that I hadn’t really hydrated very well last night, other than a glass of champers, and also hadn’t really eaten the right foods….in fact didn’t eat anything last night, didn’t really help matters either 🙄

We were very lucky with the weather and it didn’t actually start to drizzle until we were about 500 metres before the end. Legs are a little weary right now and there’s a little niggle in my right knee which I’ll fix with some ice and nurofen gel, but otherwise I’m not feeling too bad.

I did consider jumping into a cold bath when I got home, but banished the thought pretty quickly 😯

Here’s Michelle and I at the half way point

Hope to catch up with everyone at the Mothers Day run tomorrow. Time for bed now as I have to get up at stupid o’clock to be there for the 4km run 😯