Exercise: 12km Run incl 6 x 800M Yassos – Croydon Track (8’s)

After a late night last night, the alarm going off at 5am was the last thing I wanted to hear 🙄

Michelle and I wanted to try and get in a 15km run and incorporate 8x800m yassos as well. Alas, the pitstop at the loos and the slow pace warming up meant that it wasn’t to be 😦

The reason for my late night was to go and watch Michelle graduate 😀

I have to admit that other than watching Michelle go up on the stage to receive her certificate, all decked out in her robes, this must have to be one of the most boring things going 🙄

I swear that the guy who holds the big silver staff thing when all the big wigs walk on to the stage was actually falling asleep in his chair on the stage. And the guy who reads out everyone’s name as they come up on the stage must have each person’s name written in plain english, as some of those names were pretty hard to pronounce 😯

Anyway, here she is in all her glory 😀