Exercise: 8km Run – Treadmill (8’s)

I was supposed to be meeting Michelle this morning for an easy 20km run 🙄 but there was a text message waiting for me when I got out of bed to say that she wasn’t able to make it.

Two things went through my head:

1. Yay, I don’t have to run
2. Yay, I can go back to bed.

Then I got real and realised that I still should run as this marathon that’s looming on the horizon is not going to run itself 😳

So I got dressed and went to the gym. I’ll do my long run tomorrow as I have more time then. I did a very comfortable 8km and the foot was fine.

Okay, update from my appointment with the Podiatrist on Saturday.

He checked out my scan pictures and x-rays and confirmed that there was definitely no stress fracture. He then checked out the trainers that I’d bought with me. No problems there either. He was impressed with the Arch Lock thingy that the Hurricanes have in them (whatever that is!!) and confirmed that they are definitely a good trainer to run in.

Then I jumped on the treadmill without shoes or socks, then with shoes and socks. Then we went outside and he made me run up and down the grassy area outside the sports place. He was quite happy with my form (really….. 😳 ) and didn’t see any problems with how I run. I have to question what the Sports Doctor was on about then when he told me I don’t run correctly….. 😕

After I’d described how the pain felt after Trailwalker and even now, he thought that it sounded like a classic case of a sprained ankle and wanted to know if I’d rolled it whilst doing Trailwalker. I had no idea as it was so long ago now and my brain was pretty much mush by the time that the foot was hurting.

So he’s taped it up to help support it (made sure I watched exactly what he did when taping it so that I know what to do if I have to tape it myself) and has given me some stretching exercises to do, and also wants me to ice it more regularly.

I can also start back running properly again 😀

A great day out yesterday at Puffing Billy, watching everyone at the finish line. Michelle and I got up there early enough to get a car parking space inside the Lake. We met Sue and her boys already set up in a prime position at the finish line to see everyone run past so we joined her.

It was great to cheer eveyone, although I noticed the most of them seemed very focused and didn’t even see us. I wonder if this is the case when Michelle and I run too. Never really thought about it before.

Then we drove back to Belgrave and met up with loads of Ausrunners and Coolrunners at Macawbers pub. Lovely social afternoon 😀

And check out these mushrooms/toadstools that we saw at Emerald Lake. The colour is just amazing.