Exercise: Netball Game (Propels)

I love me a good game of Netball and that’s what this one ended up being, even though we lost by 2 goals.

The other team only had 4 players and we can’t start a game until the team has 5 players. Every minute that we weren’t on the court we got a goal awarded to us. So by the time the 5th player turned up, we were already 7 goals in front and we hadn’t even started playing 😀

Unfortunately we just didn’t play well enough as a team to make use of the lead we’d been given.

The umpires at the end of the game said it was one of the best games they’d umpired for a while as they hardly had to pull anyone up for contact, obstruction, step etc. And one of the umpires came up and apologised to our team for making a bad call during the game. We all nearly fell over 😯

No problems with the foot 🙂