Exercise: 7.5km Run – Croydon Track (Trigons)

I met Michelle at the track this morning. Michelle had the idea that the running surface would be much gentler on my foot than maybe Mullum Mullum trail (which is where we were going to run).

Can you believe that I was actually excited 🙄

I even woke up early and was so fidgety that I had to get out of bed otherwise I may have woken up Hubby.

The run was slow, and we went round and round and round 🙂

There was no pain……until Michelle happened to notice that I was limping. I hadn’t really noticed it at all, so we stopped then. It was only when I’d stopped that I felt a very light ache underneath my foot, but nothing too bad, otherwise I would have felt it straight away.

There is no pain now so I think it’s just my foot getting used to running again after it’s holiday 😉

And did we all watch Biggest Loser last night? I could not believe how much more weight both Alison and Kirsten had lost since the show last week. OMG they both looked fantastic. I was really happy that Sam won the main money. Imagine being 19 years old and having $200 grand in your bank account……PARTY TIME 😀

Seeing the Podiatrist tomorrow morning. Em, I will definitely remember to take my shorts with me. Will also take all 3 pairs of running shoes so that he can check them out too.

And I’ve just added up that my Hurricane 7’s have now done 700km so a new pair may see the light of day soon 🙂