Exercise: 4km Run – Treadmill, Level 1 Jillian Michaels DVD – 30 Day Shred (Phoenix’s)

As I had such a great run last night, I thought I’d follow up with another one tonight to see how the foot would hold up doing 2 runs in a row.

I had intended to run 5km, but at the 4km mark I felt a small pain and stopped straight away. Have now iced the foot and am remembering to take my anti-inflams regularly.

I’m sure there’s no problem with the foot, but you know what it’s like, one little pain/niggle etc and you get scared that the problem will return.

I’ve pulled my Saucony Phoenix’s out of the cupboard and gave them a go tonight. I don’t think they have the same cushioning as the Hurricanes but they were still very comfortable to run in.

The only reason I used the Phoenix’s is because my other 2 pairs of Hurricanes that I’m currently using are in the boot of my car and I was too lazy to go out and get them 🙄

I also tried out my new Jillian Michaels DVD, 30 Day Shred. Think I might be a bit sore tomorrow, even though it wasn’t the toughest workout I’ve ever done. But it did use some muscles that I haven’t worked for a while.

Oh well, as Eat Em says, no pain, no gain 😀