Exercise: 4km Run – Treadmill, 30 Mins Crosstrainer (Trigons)

Okay, I admit it, couldn’t wait until after I’d seen the Podiatrist to have a run. 😳

Do you know how hard it is to walk in to the gym and NOT get on a treadmill. Well it just got the better of me tonight. I started out walking for a couple of minutes and as it was feeling good, I just upped the pace so that I was running really slowly, and I mean really slowly.

I’m happy to report that there was no pain at all in my foot – yep, NO PAIN 🙂

I may just start increasing the distance gradually (but not too gradually – I’ve got a marathon to run in 10 weeks time!!).

My eating habits have been terrible over the last couple of weeks. While I haven’t been doing too much exercise I’ve been eating like a horse 🙄

I found that when I was doing heaps more training before Oxfam my appetite was much less and I didn’t crave anything crappy, whereas now, I’m just eating so much bad stuff. It’s amazing I haven’t put on more weight than I have already 😳

Oh yeah, I watched about the first 20 minutes of Big Brother last night and then got bored so didn’t bother watching any more. And I watched tonight’s episode while I was on the treadmill and the cross trainer, although I couldn’t tell you what people were talking about as I had my music going 🙄