Exercise: 33km Cycle – Warby Trail

I thought it was only fair that I kept Michelle company this morning while she did her long run.

Actually I feel really guilty that I’m all injured and not running at all, and the only reason Michelle is doing all this training is to run next to me when we do the Gold Coast Marathon, which, at the moment, I have no idea if I’m even going to be a starter 😡

Anyway it was a fantastic morning as we started out. No wind, the sun was just coming out and the trail was empty. That all changed on the way back (we did an out and back course). The wind nearly knocked me off my bike and poor Michelle was running up this hill with a massive headwind. It even looked like we might get rained on as the clouds were getting very dark.

Once again, I can only be amazed at how fit Michelleis, running all the way with only 2 small loo breaks. She’s just a machine 😀

Autumn is rapidly approaching. This tree was just the the most beautiful shade of red. That’s the Warby Trail in the background.

And here’s another sunset. Unfortunately the camera in my phone just couldn’t pick up the deep red colour that was eminating (sp?) from the sun.