Exercise: 45 Mins Eliptical Machine (Trigons)

So I have finally pulled my finger out and got myself down to the gym for some exercise 🙄

I tried to imagine that I was running and put the Eliptical up to 10 (whatever that means). It gave me the same kind of feeling in the legs that I’d get if I was running, although after the 45 minutes I checked the distance and it said I’d only covered 2.76km 😯

So back to the foot 😦

Well I was all prepared to mozy on down to Maroondah Hospital for my appointment and I got a phone call at 9.15am (my appointment was for 10am) to say that one of their machines was out and could they reschedule my appointment to Box Hill Hospital instead.

As I’d taken Tuesday off I highlighted to the woman who phoned me that it would have to be rescheduled for sometime the same day, so she had me hold while she made all the arrangements.

The only hairy bit of the whole day was that she’d booked me into get my x-ray at 10.15am and it was nearly 9.30 already. So if anyone saw a dark coloured car racing along Maroondah Highway on Tuesday about 9.45ish, that would probably have been me.

And if anyone happened to see the woman standing by the pay machine for the carpark underneath Box Hill Hospital using obscene language, that was probably me too. How can they charge such rip-off amounts to park there. I was there for just over an hour (literally 3 minutes past the hour) and it cost me $8.00 😯

So anyway once I’d got the x-rays done and the injection done that puts the dye into the body, I had 3 hours to waste. So I drove home again, this time at a leisurely pace 🙂 I was told that I should keep actively walking around as the dye moves along better through the bloodstream and they get a better picture.

Back up to Box Hill I go, this time parking in the Centro Shopping Centre car park and walking down to the hospital (pat on the back J for a great move!!). Walked straight in and got the scan done, paid my bill (OMG $523 later!!) and they gave me my x-rays and scan pictures to take with me). The actual report would be faxed to the Doctor.

Once home again I rang to make another appointment so that I could get the Dr to tell me what was wrong, only to be told that he wasn’t working at the surgery for the rest of the week, he was fully booked out on Monday and the next appointment available would be the following Thursday 😯

I nearly cried from frustration. I just want to know what’s wrong. Can I run or can’t I? Is it too much to ask? 😦

So I’ve rung back again today and there was a cancellation for Monday so I’m now seeing the Dr at 10.00am – phew!

In the meantime I’ll just try and do as much cross training as possible. I got Hubby to drop into the sports place where you can buy water running belts and of course they’re out of stock aren’t they 😦 Hopefully I can borrow one at the pool when I go to do some water running.

So that’s about it for now. Hopefully I can update you with some good news on Monday 🙂