Just a quick post to update everyone.

My foot was quite sore after running on Friday so I booked in to see a Sport Doc. Luckily the place that I normally go to must have a new Doc as I didn’t have any problems getting an appointment to see him today.

He asked all the usual questions, looked at my foot, prodded it a bit and then had me on the treadmill to check my gait. Seems that I run funny 🙄

So I’m off for an xray and a bone scan tomorrow morning. (Em, I did question the validity of the xray but he blinded me with reasoning!!). I’ve been told that in between getting the dye injected in my foot and then returning 3 hours later for the scan, I must avoid pregnant women and children (not pregnant children!!).

I was planning on going into work for the time that I need to wait inbetween injection and scan, but was advised that I should go home instead as you never know if there are any women in the office who may be pregnant but just don’t know it yet!!

I’m still confident that it’s not a stress fracture 🙂

Oh yeah, Alana is now part of the “we love Saucony trainers” team 😀