Exercise: 11km Run incl 6 x 800m Yassos (Trigons)

This morning was my first run since Trailwalker.

I saw Corrie on Wednesday night and she gave me a real working over (ooh er!!) massage workover that is 🙄

My foot felt heaps better once she’d worked on the side of my shin, but about an hour later the dull ache had returned.

So today I wanted to see how the foot felt when running. Still not great though 😦 There was dull pain as soon as I started running. Perhaps this was just due to the lack of exercise during the week.

The foot is still a bit tender now (some 7 hours later) and I’m wondering if maybe I’ve got a bit of a stress fracture there. May have to go find me a sports doctor and get it checked out further. I’m hoping that it’s just some internal bruising – well we can always hope can’t we 😀

How fantastic was this morning’s sunrise 🙂

Alana’s Quote: “Of course I know how to shop Dad, I’m a girl!” 😀