I’ve now come back to earth with a big thud!

It’s all over – no more preparation, no more training, no more organising. So now what do I do with my time – Oh yes, there’s still that Marathon that I’m supposed to be training for 😯

Happy to report that all my aches have now gone apart from my foot. The pain is over the top of the foot, rather than underneath. It feels fine when I wear high heels, it’s only when I put my foot flat on the ground that the pain starts.

It’s not really a pain as such, more like a constant ache. Doesn’t hurt too much if I walk on my toes, but if I walk normally it’s very uncomfortable. I’ve taken some anti-inflams and have rubbed some Nurofen Gel on it, so I’m just going to have to give it a bit of time to heal (whatever IT is!!).

Now if you want a full report on the event you’ll have to go over to Em’s Blog where she’s written a fantastic account of everything that happened.

I got a text message from Michelle yesterday to say that she felt fantastic and had just been out for a 5km run. She’s a machine that one 🙂

Now here’s a list of some of the things I’d do differently next time (yep, there’ll be a next time!)

*Take salt tablets regularly
*Drink even more powerade
*Drink less water
*Eat less lollies and more salty things (which will be very difficult as I found it hard enough to eat anything)
*Take less stuff with me 🙄
*Use fuel belt instead of camel back on shorter sections
*Don’t change trainers, just socks
*Take more photos on the course
*Sing more 🙂
*Try and get a 7am start

Thankyou all once again for your lovely comments and your support. It would have been a whole lot harder without you all. 😀