Exercise: 100km Run/Walk 🙂 (8’s-36km, 7’s Blue-64km)

Well what can I say – we did it 🙂

Our time was 20 hours and 49 minutes, and I think I am now feeling every minute of it 😯

What a fantastic event, and for such a worthwhile cause. The organisation was very efficient and the volunteers at all the checkpoints were so nice.

I probably won’t go into too much detail as there would be just too much to mention. I’ll just do it in bullet points!

*It didn’t rain 🙂
*We finished with a much better time than we thought
*We had plenty of food
*Tanty hill wasn’t too bad at the end
*The champagne at the finish line was wonderful
*My right foot is very sore and will need to be looked at
*I am having trouble walking and getting out of a chair and sitting on the loo 😯
*I am so lucky to have 3 fantastic friends who made Trailwalker great fun
*I seriously considered giving up at the last Checkpoint
*I hate vomiting 😳
*Having the right support crew is so important (thanks guys, you were amazing)
*I don’t want to eat any more lollies for a long time
*No blisters 🙂

Below are some photos of the day (and night).

These are at the start

Registering! (I think we all look very nervous)

Getting all our “stuff” organised

The Girls are ready to go!

At each CheckPoint