Exercise: 10km Run – Treadmill (Trigons)


My first bit of exercise since last Sunday. I was getting a bit worried that I would never get around to doing any and that I’d get stuck back into that rut when you stop doing it for a while and then just don’t get back into a regular pattern.

Phew, that’s over now. I just hope that my legs aren’t going to be too sore tomorrow. I’m sure they won’t be, but with Trailwalker so close now, I’m starting to worry that things will go wrong. You know how it goes – “OMG my calf feel sore, oh no, I can feel my calf pulling, aagghhh my shins hurt” 🙄

I forked out for the latest Jillian Michaels DVD. It’s called 30 Day Shred and there are 3 Levels on it. It’s basically a 20 minute full on circuit training session which incorporates strength, cardio and abs. I had a watch through it yesterday and I have to say that I’m quite impressed. Anything that’s going to help tone in 20 minutes a day works for me! 🙂 There are beginners moves as well as advanced moves too, so it’s not just for the already ultra fit people (yeah, like they’d be doing a Jillian Michaels DVD!!).

I’ll start it after Trailwalker as I know that doing anything different right now will create pain.

Want a laugh – Alana has just come out of her bedroom and has announced that she’s just done the first level. I wondered where the weights went to! 😀 She’s going to be in better shape than me, that’s for sure. She just went back into her bedroom to do Level 2 😀

Michelle and I took the girls to see High School Musical on Ice yesterday. I could not believe how many times the actors fell over when they were doing their jumps. Surely they’d be better off doing less diffficult ones just to make sure that they didn’t fall over rather than the triple loops that they were trying to do?

OMG, only 5 days until Trailwalker 😯