Well I am now in the full blown stages of being sick 😦

Have taken the last 3 days off work as I didn’t want to give it to everyone else, unlike the person who came into work last Friday with it and very inconsiderately passed it on to me 😡

I was told that as I’ve done the right thing and stayed home to get better, I now have to produce a doctor’s certificate, even though I’ve spoken to the same person every day this week and they can hear that I’m not well. So it’s now cost me $40, less what I get back from Medicare, to be home sick 😡

And of course this has meant that I’ve not done any exercise for the last 3 days either, which is even more maddening as I’m actually really enjoying the training. I should have clocked up 34km by this time and as such I’ve done zilch, nada, nothing 🙄

I did, however, manage to get a photo of the beautiful sunrise this morning 🙂

Now did anyone watch Biggest Loser last night? And if you did, were you bawling your eyes out shedding a little tear for all the contestants like I was? 😳