Exercise: 11.5km Run incl 5 x 800M Yassos (8’s)

Okay, anyone who reckons it wasn’t cold this morning must have a screw loose (Stu?). I had 2 layers, 3/4 pants and my fingerless gloves on and it still took me over 2km before I warmed up enough to even contemplate taking anything off 😯

Round and round the track Michelle and I went this morning. As you can see we have now increased the distance to 800 metres of sprinting – well sprinting for me and Michelle anyway! We’re going to up each rep by 1 every week now until we get to 10. I actually thought it was going to be harder than it was to do the 800 metres but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t feel too difficult at all.

I think the biggest problem I have is the smell coming from the Bakery just over the way. Every time we hit a certain point on the track, I could smell all the fresh bread being baked 🙄

For some reason this week I’ve been really pigging out. I know that it’s probably just because I’m doing alot more training, but unfortunately what I’ve been pigging out on does not really help the training 😳 Why don’t I have the same urge to eat Chicken and Salad as I have to eat Date Scones, or chocolate coated Licorice?

And another thing, why does Facebook take so long to load??? It’s so frustrating 😡