Exercise: 20km Run – Home to MM & Return (7’s Blue)

Wow, what a fantastic thunderstorm last night, and how great was it to actually hear the rain on the roof 🙂

So it was with bated breath that I got up this morning to discover that the rain had passed and it was dry again. No excuses then for not running 🙄

Michelle met me at my place and we ran from there.

I realised after about 2km that it was quite warm. I’d worn a long sleeved top over my singlet but had to take it off almost as soon as we started running.

We met Corrie at the 3km mark and she ran with us for about 8km before heading off home. We stopped at McD’s for a loo stop and then pushed ourselves on.

I found the run hard this morning. My quads are quite sore so I tried to avoid as many hills as I could. Michelle was happy to avoid them too. I wonder if this means that I need to do more hills or let my legs rest from hills?

Looking forward to my recovery run tomorrow 🙂