Exercise: 6km Recovery Run – Local Streets (8’s)

Why is it so hard to get motivated when I don’t have to meet anyone or be somewhere at a certain time??

It took me nearly 1 1/2 hours of faffing around before I finally got out the door to do my run. I think that part of the problem was because I didn’t get dressed straight away. Once I’d actually put my running clothes on, it was much easier to get into the zone 🙄

A nice easy run, no pressure at all. I still managed to negative split on the way back though 🙂

Then it was off to the footy. Drove over to Michelle’s place and we all piled into one car. We decided to park underneath the Telstra Dome as it was just so much easier than having to find a park away from the ground. And boy did we pay for that ease…..cost us $23 😯

Then we had to try and get a seat. OMG how busy was it 😯

This is where we ended up sitting 🙄

We couldn’t see one end of the ground at all and had to watch the screen every time the ball went down that end. Luckily I’d bought binoculars with me so both the girls could see much more clearly what was happening on the ground.

Next time we go, I will be buying tickets online before the game. I’m not going to sit up in the heavens again, that’s for sure.

YAY, go the Bombers!