Exercise: 9km Run incl 6 x 600m Yassos @ 3min 20sec – Croydon Track (8’s)

As I got into my car this morning there were rain spots on the windscreen 😯

Of course, nothing eventuated out of that and it stayed dry the whole time that Michelle and I were running around the track. We’d decided to increase the distance this week, but reduce the reps to see how we felt.

It felt good 🙂 We did have to stop and run across the road after our warmup to use the loos though. It’s great that the public toilets are actually open that early. I know from experience that many of them aren’t opened up until after 7am.

Back across the road and we got into the Yassos. The time seemed to pass really quickly and we’d finished them before we knew it…..okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but I certainly could have carried on and done a few more had it not been for time restrictions and also the loo was calling me again 😳

I had a massage with Corrie last night. I think I’m addicted to cupping 😳 She put a few along my ITB and I have to say that I really enjoyed the sensation of her attaching them to my leg….is that weird? Should have seen the look on Alana’s face when Corrie lit up the thing that she uses to heat up the cups – it was priceless 😀

Mary, in response to your question, I’ve never actually seen the girl get off the treadmill as she’s still on it when I leave the gym. she must do over an hour!

Looking forward to doing some major hills tomorrow whilst munching on Hot Cross Buns 🙄