Exercise: 6km Recovery Run – Treadmill (Trigons)

Today’s run is dedicated to Mary 🙂

This morning’s run was a bit of a struggle. Not a struggle as far as the legs felt fine, but just a struggle doing the 6km.

My chafing is really starting to be an issue so I’m going to look at buying some Striderm that Lee mentioned. I know that Sportshield works too, but I want to try other things. The Bepanthen works fine for my bra area, but not really that well for the inner thighs.

I’m sure I would not be suffering so badly if I wore longer running shorts but that would mean doing more shopping and I really am trying to curb my spending a little bit at the moment.

The walking treadmill girl was at the gym again this morning and I was watching her in the mirrors (like you do!!) and she leans right back on the treadmill while holding on. I’m sure that can’t be good for her back at all. I wonder why the PT’s don’t say anything to her. Surely they can see that what she’s doing is just not a good thing!