Exercise: 18km Run – Home to MM & Return (7’s Blue)

OMG how warm was it at 6am 😯 I was already sweating bucket loads before I’d hit the 2km mark.

Michelle met me at my place and we headed out to MM for a nice easy jaunt. However, the jaunt turned nasty when I started to chafe 🙄 The top insides of my legs now look like somebody has hacked at them with sandpaper 😯

I had plenty of energy up until the 9km mark and then I suddenly lost it all. Took in a Gel, which I hoping would kick in straight away (but didn’t) and carried on running.

We diverted to McD’s for a loo stop and a fill of the water bottles, then headed back out again. By this time it was even warmer and the sweat was just dripping off me. Not a pretty sight I can tell you!!

Sadly we had to cut the run a bit short due to time constraints, but I was happy with the 18km (we had wanted to do 20km).

I’m sure you could all hear me screaming in agony when I hopped into the shower and the water hit the insides of my legs 🙄

At work this morning we had a morning tea put on for us, which consisted of Hot Cross Buns and loads of mini eggs in all varieties. The Hot Cross Bun went down really nicely, but after 4 mini eggs I actually started to feel a bit sick. I’ve walked back past the table with them on a few times now and I have no urge at all to eat more.

Something is wrong with me, call the Doctor, pronto 😯