Exercise: 25km Run/Walk – Beach Road (8’s)

Thought we’d do something different for training this week so The Girls set out from Mordialloc for a nice flat 25km run.

How good is it to run without the hydration pack 🙂 We still had our fuel belts though, which were very necessary as it was really hot out there today.

There were loads of cyclists on the road, and plenty of people on the beach even though it was only 9am 😯

For me, the first 20km felt really good. It was only after we stopped so that Corrie could grab a Gatorade from a Milk Bar that my legs started to fatigue. After that it was a real hard slog to get back, especially as the sun was really pelting down. Poor Em was suffering today but even though she didn’t feel great, she still dug in and did the distance. What a gal 🙂

We had to run down a very steep hill to get back on to the trail that runs along the beach and it was only then that my ITB started to play up a little bit and it was all downhill for me from there 😦

We walked the last 1.5km back to Mordialloc. As soon as we got back, the first thing we did was take our shoes and socks off and hop into the water. OMG how fantastic did that feel. Corrie and Michelle decided that they’d go the whole hog and dove in. Em and myself were somewhat more restrained and stood in the water up to the top of our shorts so that we didn’t get wet.

I would have loved to stay on the beach and just wallow in the shallows but we all had to get back home 😦

The start 🙂

The middle 🙂

The end 🙂