Exercise: 55km Trailwaker Session – Olinda to Wesburn (8’s 30km) (7’s Blue 25km)

Well this was certainly a real test of endurance. How would we fare? Could we go the distance? Could we walk up that monster of a hill when we were really tired and it was dark?

I met Em at Wesburn, left her car there and headed back to Woori Yallock where Corrie and Michelle had parked their cars.

Corrie had an esky full of ice so we loaded it up with food that we would need when we got back there for dinner – some 6 hours later 😯

We all then jumped into my car and drove to Olinda – our starting point for the day. We got ourselves organised, taking into account the obligatory photo and loo stop before we set off on our way.

Michelle hadn’t done this part of the course before, whereas everyone else had, so we were pretty confident with where we were going. This meant that we didn’t have to keep stopping to look at the map and we made really good time.

We got to the start of the Warby Trail and had a brief stop and stretch (sorry Em about the photo 😳 )

From here we did a run 4km, walk 1km routine, but unfortunately my ITB started to play up and by the time we got to Woori Yallock, some 15km away, it was really, really sore and I wasn’t sure that I could go any further 😦

Luckily Michelle had Nurofen to kill the pain and Corrie had Anti Inflam Gel to keep the swelling down, and after some much needed food and drink, followed by a change of clothes, I felt much better.

We set off from Woori with 2 extra passengers – Hunter the Wonder Dog and Mark. It was pitch black already, but we had tons of lighting between the four of us to keep things from getting too scary!

We trudged along to Yarra Junction, which took us about 2 hours as we were reduced to a walk because of my ITB. Working it out I couldn’t believe how long it would take us if we kept walking, so decided to try some running. Corrie very graciously let me use her ITB strap as she wasn’t having any problems with her ITB, and this helped tons 🙂

We eventually got to the turnoff at Warburton and headed up into the bush and the ever approaching Tanty Hill 😯

I was really surprised at how much easier it was to get up the Backstairs Track and I only had to stop once near the top. We then had to navigate down some hills, which were quite treacherous due to lots of loose rock. It would have been really easy to do an ankle or slip over.

So we get to Tanty Hill. Mark and Michelle power up it, followed closely by Corrie and Hunter (I’m sure she used Hunter to help pull her up the hill!!!). Emma and I zig zagged our way up slowly, not once even considering stopping. WOW!! We made it to the top and everyone seemed relieved that the really hard part was over 🙂

Or so we thought 🙄

Just a small tactical error, where we took a right turn instead of a left and we ended up wandering around the bush for an extra 30 minutes more than we should have! Yes, I hold up my hand and admit that it was me who said to turn right instead of left 😳

I was asked the following day why we didn’t use either of the Garmins, with their GPS navigation, to lead us back to where we should have been 😯 😳 OMG, how embarassing…..why didn’t I think of that!!!

I finally got into bed at about 3.30am. Pure bliss to finally lay down in a nice warm, soft, comfortable bed 🙂