Exercise: 8km Run incl 8×400 Yassos – Croydon Track (7’s Blue)

I had a brainwave last night (they don’t come often you know 😉 ). Anway Michelle and I had organised to meet up at MM to do our Yassos this morning, but then I thought that it may be easier if we did them at the Croydon Athletics track.

So we met at Croydon track….at 5.45am 😯 Michelle had to be home a bit earlier this morning so it was in the pitch black that we started warming up. Actually that’s not true. I had bought some new batteries for my light that clips to the peak of my cap, so we ran with that turned on.

We also had to run around the group of men/youths who were hogging ALL of the track in the straight. Surely they could have had the common courtesy of just moving across a little bit, instead of Michelle and I having to run off the track, into the dirt, just to avoid them.

I’m not sure of the exact distance as we had to stop a couple of times to adjust the Garmins. I had mine set up originally to gauge time (2 min 15 sec) and then recovery time (2 min 15 sec) using the Virtual Partner and Michelle had hers set to tell us when we’d run 400 metres. Unfortunately this didn’t work very well as mine has lost it’s sound so even if we were running too fast, my Garmin wouldn’t have made any chimes to let us know.

So we stopped after the first lap and Michelle changed her Garmin so that we could hear the Virtual Partner telling us when we were running too fast (like that happens very often!!) and I had mine set to tell us when we’d run 400 metres. This worked much better, although I didn’t realise that when the yasso session had finished, my Garmin stopped recording the distance, so it didn’t add on the cool down (forgot to tick that little box 😳 ). I’ve only had the Garmin for 2 years, so I’ll work out how to use it eventually 🙄