Exercise: 20km Run – MMCT (8’s)

Met Michelle at MM. What a beautiful morning for a run. It was a bit chilly at first (and still very dark), and wearing my running skirt, I certainly felt the cold, but once the sun came up, it was lovely.

This is probably the longest run I’ve done where I haven’t done any walking at all during the run, and I have to say that it felt really good. The legs felt strong, and it was actually my butt that I could feel more than anything else. I put that down to playing Netball on Monday night.

We even managed to sprint the last 200 metres 🙂

I haven’t really mentioned my weight recently as I’m not really focusing on it too much. My main goal now is to get fit enough and strong enough for the GC Marathon.

The offshoot is that my body shape is changing, and although I am losing weight slowly, I’m starting to tone up and can definitely feel the difference in my clothes and how they sit on me now. I do still weigh myself daily, but I’m not going to dwell on the numbers too much. Saying that, I have about 5kg to lose to get to my ideal weight 🙄