Exercise: 6km Recovery Run – Treadmill (Trigons)

Brought a new pair of trainers out of the cupboard this morning. They felt quite good, although I thought there might have been a small blister developing on my right arch. Luckily there was nothing there when I took my sock off. I think maybe they just weren’t tight enough. Anyway I’ll now use them as part of my rotation.

Looks like the Hurricane 7’s in Yellow are now ready for retirement. They’ve served me well though and they still feel great, but they’ve got nearly 900km’s on them, so I’ll put them to the back of the cupboard for now. Goodbye old friends 😦

I’m really starting to enjoy my training program………OMG, did I just say that 😯

I had a look at it this morning and I realised that I should have done 10km of hills yesterday morning, not the 8km that I did. Must pay more attention to the plan. Now, do I make up the extra 2km of hills this week, or just put it down to lack of attention and carry on with the rest of the week? Decisions, decisions!!

And why is everyone else getting their R4K race kit in the mail and not me 😦