Exercise: 6km Recovery Run – Local Streets (8’s)

Had a wonderful sleep in this morning. It’s so nice not to have to get out of bed early for a change.

Michelle came over to my place about 2.30pm and we nipped out for a really easy 6km recovery run. The legs felt great. I’m so happy that I haven’t done any damage to the calf.

We then got ourselves all spruced up to go and see Rod Stewart at Rochford Winery. What a fantastic evening. We set up our chairs and our esky in a great spot where we could see the big screen but still had tons of room around us. There must have been 5,000 people there, with not many under 40’s 😳

Lots of good wine, yummy food, laughter and loads of singing. What more could you ask for 😀

A huge thankyou to my wonderful hubby for driving us there and picking us up at the end of the night.