Exercise: 30km Run/Walk – Trailwalker – Warby Trail (7’s Blue)

Well I’m happy to report that my massage session with Corrie was a great success. She pummeled the calf into submission, and although it’s been a bit sore, the actual pain has gone. I’ve been icing, stretching, massaging and rubbing every kind of oil and lotion into it that I can lay my hands on. The house has a constant smell of Deep Heat 🙂

What a great night for running. We started off at Mt Evelyn. Very strange to be running at night. Both Em and myself had headlamps, and as Em tends to run out in front (because her gait is naturally longer and faster) there was plenty of light to run along the trail.

We ran alot of the way, stopping occasionally to stretch and eat lollies 😀 Had a good 4km walk as we neared Woori Yallock. We then turned around and did a run 4km, walk 1km session on the way back. By the time we’d reached Wandin I was ready to stop, but we still had another 5km before we reached Mt Evelyn. So I got into my train mode (head down and just keep shuffling) and kept running. Unfortunately the legs had had enough with about 1.5km to go, so Michelle and I walked the rest of the way.

I’m so glad that I’ve not seen any of those spooky movies that Em was talking about on her blog otherwise I would have been freaking out every time I heard a noise in the bush (and there were lots of noises, I can tell you). Luckily Corrie had brought Hunter the Wonder Dog with her and he had a great time chasing all the noises away 🙂

It was weird getting home at 1.15 in the morning. Felt like I’d snuck out of the house without telling the parents 🙄

This was the girls before we set off. Em has a great picture on her blog which was taken just as we’d finished.