Exercise: 8km Hill Run – Treadmill (Propels)

Oooh, I got some new trainers out of the box tonight. My Hurricane 7’s in Yellow are just about at the end of their life span now. They have probably done over 900km’s and even though they still feel good to run in, I don’t want to do any damage to myself, so they’ll be retiring very shortly.

The Propels were very comfortable, although they had a very different feel to the Hurricanes. I will give them a run outside very shortly to see how they feel on a harder surface than the treadmill. I did feel a small amount of, not so much pain, but more constriction in my left toes, but nothing that I’m sure will not sort itself out with a few more runs.

The hill run on the treadmill was REALLY, REALLY hard 😯 I’ve never done a programmed run on the treadmill, so I wasn’t sure what the incline was going to be. I did take it slow as this is my first proper hill run (other than trailwalker training) for a long time.

OMG, I was running at 6%. Okay, some of you may laugh and say that’s not much, but for me, who just does NOT do hills, it was a very steep incline. I’m so glad it was only 8km as I don’t think I could have done much more than that.

I have been in total agony since Sunday. I could not walk properly at all yesterday and every time I got out of my chair at work I had to literallly stretch my legs before I could even manage to walk. I had to take a half day sick as I just could not cope with how much pain I was in.

Once at home I slathered myself with Tiger Balm and laid out flat on the couch as it hurt less to roll off the couch onto the floor and get up that way than it did to sit in a chair and try and get out of that.

I’m feeling alot better now that I’ve actually done some running and I’m hoping to do a nice easy recovery run tomorrow morning. 🙂