Exercise: 30.5km Run/Walk – Trailwalker Checkpoint 4 to 7

Even though this was probably the flattest section of the trail, it seemed like the hardest one to me. My hips are really sore. It may be because we walked alot more than we ran today and I haven’t done alot of walking over the last few months, so these muscles were definitely worked!!

Unfortunately Michelle couldn’t join us this morning, so it was just me Em and Corrie. It was a beautiful morning as we set out. We veered off into a fantastic forest reserve called R J Hamer Arboretum. Loads of great walking and running tracks to try out for another day 🙂

We followed our map until we came to Silvan Reservoir. This is where we’ve decided to have dinner on the actual Trailwalker. It’ll be getting dark then too 😯

Then it was on to Mt Evelyn, where we met up with the Warby Trail. Loads of people out on the trail, including a guy who literally fell off his bike right in front of us. I think he was very embarassed as he hopped back on very quickly and rode off even quicker!!

We did a bit of running along the trail as it was a long decline and the legs needed a bit of a workout. By this stage it was starting to get quite warm and the trail opened out so the sun was beating right down on us.

More walking, a bit of a rant about a lycra clad idiot on his bike who thought he owned the whole trail (okay so he also got the bird from me 😳 ) and we ended up at Woori Yallock where Em’s other half was waiting for us. We jumped in the car and headed back to Olinda for a spot of lunch at the local Pie shop 😀

My Garmin only registered 30.5km but Em’s Polar said we’d done 31.6km. Not sure who’s is more accurate but it was a long way anyway 🙄

Here we are at the start, raring to go 🙂

This was at the beginning of the RJ Hamer Arboretum. It was a moving shot, so the photo is a bit shaky 😀

We walked over a road called Olinda Creek Road, walked along a track called Olinda Creek Track and then we finally found Olinda Creek 🙂

The long walk to Woori Yallock along the Warby Trail!

We’d literally just finished when Em’s partner took this photo 😀