Exercise: Yassos 8km – 6 x 400 @ 12kph (7’s Blue)

I decided that yesterday was a good day for a rest 🙂

This morning called for Yassos. I’m not sure why I don’t like them, but I don’t 🙄

So I started with a 2km warm up and then I got stuck into them. The first couple weren’t too bad and it was nice having the recovery break inbetween each one. The third one got a bit harder and I was constantly looking at how much time I had left before I could reduce the speed. The last 3 were hard. I wanted to give up on the 4th one, but after each recovery section they felt alot better – better until I started to run fast again 😯

But there was a feeling of achievement when I’d finished. I only did a 1km cool down as I was running out of time and I wanted to have a good stretch before I left the gym.

So that’s 2 lots of Yassos completed now. Only 20 more sessions to go until I can stop doing them 🙂

Now I have a bit of a dilemma. Alana wants to get her hair cut shorter. For anyone who doesn’t know Alana, she has hair down to her bottom. This is probably due mainly to the fact that my Mother always had my hair cut short, and I wanted my daughter to have beautiful long hair (okay so I’m living a bit of my missed childhood through her!!). Anyway she has asked me if she can have some of her hair cut off. When asked why, she says that she’s sick of people playing with it.

So what to do….I can’t really say no, as that would be really unfair. But having long hair really makes her stand out, which I think is a great thing. Am I being selfish by not wanting her to get it cut?