Exercise: 24km Run/Walk – Trailwalker Checkpoint 7 to 9 (8’s)

The girls all met at Woori Yallock for a 7am start 😯

It was definitely chilly this morning. Even Em had her gloves on so it must have been cold 🙂

We decided to do a run 4km, walk 1km session, which worked really well. We had a couple of pitstops at the toilets along the way (phew, thank goodness for those toilets!), with Em and Michelle having a bit of a laugh too!

Once off the trail just before Warburton things became a whole lot harder 😳

There were hills!! And not very nice hills either. The first one was fairly steep and quite narrow, which made it quite tricky (apart from our little Mountain Goat Em who had no trouble at all!!).

Once at the top there was some nice wide, fairly flat trail to walk along. The views were absolutely spectacular (sorry forgot to get the camera out 😳 ).

Then a bit of downhill, which wasn’t too good for those of use with ITB issues 😦

We all thought that was the end of the hills – how wrong were we!!

We’ve named this hill Tanty Hill, as it’s at the 95km mark of the Trailwalker and there will definitely be a few tantrums when we get to it 😀

This is not the steepest part of the hill, but by the time we got to that bit, I was absolutely shattered and didn’t have the energy to take a photo. I had to do a bit of backward walking again as my quads were really starting to hurt.

The last couple of Km’s were all downhill, which was a blessing.

Once we’d stopped at Wesburn Park the flies descended on us in plagues. Trying to take this photo was awful as we had to keep still and they just covered us from head to foot 😯

Note to self: Do more arm work with weights 😳