Exercise: 9.6km Run – MMCT (7’s Blue)

This exercise thing is really wearing me out 🙄

Met Michelle for a 10km recovery run. We’d both agreed last night that if it was raining we would do our own thing (I’d go to the gym and do my run on the treadmill). I’m so glad it wasn’t raining as it’s so much more motivating to run with someone outside than plod along on the treadmill, having to force myself to do the distance!

I am now finding that my clothes are starting to fit me much better, with the muffin top slowly shrinking. Now I put my hand up and admit that I weigh myself every day, more to see the fluctuations than to worry over the actual numbers.

In 24 hours I’ve lost a whole kilo 😯

Can you believe that I’ve missed the first 2 episodes of Biggest Loser. I turned the TV on at 7.30pm Sunday night and I’d missed it 😡 And of course I played Netball last night and missed it again. 😡 I might have to go and download both episodes just so that I can get a feel for each of the contestants before the next episode!! Ok, ok, I know that sounds really sad but it’s one of the only reality shows that I really enjoy watching 😳