Exercise: Netball Game (8’s)

First game of the season tonight. It was very hot and sticky inside the stadium. They don’t have any type of cooling 😯

It was good to catch up with the team after not playing the winter season (you all know how much I hate the cold don’t you 🙂 ).

We lost 😦

One good thing that happened though. I ran into my old netball coach. She started coaching the team I was in when I was 10 years old, and continued to coach the team for about 8 years. I then moved into an adult league and played with her too. She was like a surrogate mother to me, especially when I was 16, as I had quite a few issues during that year and she was always there for me.

I haven’t seen her for about 20 years and it was just like I had seen her yesterday. She’s a wonderful woman and is still playing netball twice a week. She’ll be 66 next week.