Exercise: 9.6km Run – Jells Park (8’s)

Happy Australia Day everyone 🙂

So who’s brilliant idea was it to meet Michelle for a casual 10km run this morning? It didn’t go well 😳

My bum was so sore from the pump class yesterday that actually trying to move at any speed at all hurt considerably 😦

And I have no reason at all why I didn’t stop at the water fountain on the way into Jells Park and get a drink. Of course I was so dry half way back that I had to walk for about 1/2 km to the next drink fountain (the word stupid comes to mind!!).

Hubby and I are off to The Police concert tonight 🙂 Please don’t rain, please don’t rain!

My food intake is still on track even though I’ve had a couple of glasses of champers over the course of the week. I’m even planning on taking healthy snacks with me tonight so that I don’t end up at the burger bar 😯

A long hike planned tomorrow with the rest of the Trailwalker girls, covering from Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 4 😯