Exercise: Body Pump Class

Thought I’d give the body a bit of a wake up call and set the alarm for 5.40am 😯

I met my friend Michelle, who I work with, and who is also a member of Fernwood, at 6am. It’s been a while since I got up this early to do any exercise and I have to admit that I was feeling pretty ordinary. Of course by the time I finished the class I was feeling 10 times better 🙂

I know my muscles are going to be sore tomorrow 🙄

When I was in the UK I found some new food that I really enjoyed, so I put a couple of things in the bag to bring home with me (and no it wasn’t the Mars Planets Choc Balls!!).

I love the taste of Marmalade but hate all the bits in it, so very rarely eat it. In the UK, however, they sell shredless marmalade and I went through nearly 2 jars of it on Bagels (something else I really enjoyed while I was there). A big jar came back with me in my luggage 🙂

The other thing that came back with me was a box of Go Ahead Yogurt Break Bars. They are very moorish and taste absolutely divine! Sadly I ate the last one today, so I’m going to have to convince one of my girlfriends in the UK to send me a few more boxes over. I’m sure there must be something similar over here but I’m yet to find it, although I rarely look in the biscuit aisle any more so there may well be something just waiting for me to indulge in 🙂

This is a picture of the entertainment system in the back of the seats on the plane. It was fantastic. So many movies to watch, music to listen to and games to play 🙂

Alana’s Quote: “Why did they invent alcohol?” 😯