Exercise: 6.5km Run – Local Streets (8’s)

Running during the day seems so much harder than running first thing in the morning. There’s the hassle of having to get out of work clothes into running clothes, then having to shower afterwards and get back into work clothes. And when it’s stinking hot there’s also the constant sweating for at least 20 minutes after you’ve showered and dressed 🙄

Anyway I met Michelle at lunchtime for an easy run. And when I say easy, it wasn’t actually easy, it was really a lot of hard work 😯 Even the smallest hill seemed like a mountain 😳

I’m not sure what’s happened, and when it happened, but I’ve had a real mind change with regards to my food intake. Since I got home on Sunday I have not eaten anything that I would consider junky food. This includes snacky food like veggie chips and yoghurt balls. I have, however, enjoyed a glass of white wine and soda in the evening, and I mean only 1 glass 😯

The result of this is that I have lost 1.8kg since Sunday afternoon when I weighed myself and have used this weight as my starting weight for my new found frame of mind. Long may this frame of mind continue 🙂

Alana’s Quote: “Mummy when you have a baby does it hurt as much as when you have diarrhea!”